Colours in Branding: Creating Brand Identity and Influencing Consumer Perception

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Deepti Gupta
Ujjwal Dingliwal


Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products. Perception is reality. Everything else is an illusion. And one of the most perceptive tools a marketer can use is colour. Colours are a pervasive source of knowledge. Researchers for decades have concluded that the wise use of colours can help distinguish products from rivals as well as affect perceptions towards products by altering the moods and feelings of the target consumers. This makes colour a key component of perceptual marketing strategies. Hence, marketing professionals have traditionally leveraged this capacity of colours to mould consumer perception and to draw in customers. It affects consumer behaviour and perceptions, stirs up feelings and emotions, and aids businesses in separating themselves from rivals. According to the different synergistic effects of colour, the perception of how well a colour fits a certain brand determines how well a brand could be perceived by the market. It is thus crucial that decision-makers and marketers are truly aware of the value and impact of colour and employ it skillfully in not only logos or products but across the whole brand identity. With the inherent importance of colour in mind, the objective of this research is to explore how crucial the selection and protection of colour is, for a brand and how colour impacts the perceptions of the consumers towards a brand. By the end, after analysing multiple cases and giving supporting instances, the study reaffirms the correlation of colours & consumer perception for decision making and concludes on the vitality of colour.



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Gupta, D., & Dingliwal, U. . (2023). Colours in Branding: Creating Brand Identity and Influencing Consumer Perception. Ramanujan International Journal of Business and Research, 8(2), 11–25.