Awareness of Consumer Rights: A Comparative Study

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Kanwal Jeet Singh
Minakshi Lehkar
Suchi Patti


This study compares the awareness of consumer rights in a metropolitan city as against remote areas. The primary data has been analysed to examine the impact of geographical location and occupation on customer awareness.

The study covers five factors, i.e., Cash Memo, MRP, Standardization Mark, Expiry Date and Quantity Check, which were considered by the consumers while purchasing the goods or services. Awareness of consumer rights - to be informed, to choose, to safety, to be heard, to seek redress and to consumer education are examined under the study. Furthermore, five modes of generating consumer awareness are considered, i.e., Govt. advertising campaigns, NGO's, consumer organisations, workshops and public gatherings. The research was conducted through a survey of respondents using a structured questionnaire. The study points to the pressing need for empowerment of the rural consumer.


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Singh, K. J. ., Lehkar, M. ., & Patti, S. . (2017). Awareness of Consumer Rights: A Comparative Study. Ramanujan International Journal of Business and Research, 2(1), 75–84.