Student Engagement: A Study of Ramanujan College


  • Vibhash Kumar Assistant Professor, Ramanujan College
  • Deepali Arora Senior- Associate, ASA & Associates LLP



Student Engagement, Spirituality and Alignment, Student Engagement Scale


"Student Engagement" has become a subject of importance and discussion in the academic domain. Much of the academic fraternity today is worried because of the lackluster approach of the students - taking classroom or academic institution's learning as a burden and formality which must be completed! This research paper defines the level of student engagement in Ramanujan College, University of Delhi.

Online survey of the students of Ramanujan College was taken to infer the level of student engagement in terms of - Spirituality and Alignment, Psychological meaningfulness, and Student-teacher relationship. In addition, various questions which lead to student engagement were also included. The survey was circulated among the students of the college and 240 responses were received, out of which 221 responses were deemed fit for analysis.

According to the findings of the study, the students of the college are satisfied with the system of education; they also realize and appreciate the education they are getting. The students believe that they get full support from the college in terms of resources and the faculty members of the college are helpful and trustworthy. The study has also underpinned certain factors which lead to student engagement, such as institution's role in personality development of the student, teaching pedagogy, infrastructural facilities, systematic examination procedures, and extra and co-curricular activities.

This paper would help Ramanujan College in particular and other educational institutions in general to study and understand the concept of student engagement. The paper also recommends ways to improve the level of engagement among students. This study would give a broad view of the student engagement in the current system of education. Scale of 'Student Engagement' could be further tested in other samples.

The researchers have studied the level of engagement in a particular college of the University of Delhi. The results of this study may not be generalized for all the educational institutions.

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Kumar, V. ., & Arora, D. . (2017). Student Engagement: A Study of Ramanujan College. Ramanujan International Journal of Business and Research, 2(1), 1–20.